The team, the team, the team! No matter the industry, it simply can‘t be done alone. New Era Championship Calls wants to be the best by setting the industry standard. Before submitting your application, try our products and see if it’s some you truly believe in. New Era Championship Calls is looking for team members who can contribute in building a successful company.

Team New Era is more than wearing a hat. Our team strives to pass the hunting heritage on to the next generation and goes the extra mile to teach newcomers the basics and ethics of waterfowling. They are pillars of excellence in their communities and leaders in the industry.

Consider this, New Era’s CEO has and continues to serve this country in our armed forces. His life has been devoted to what he can give rather than what he can take. If you think you have what it takes to make the team, then fill out the application and we’ll be in contact.

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